Why Does the Design-Build Process Work So Well?

When planning a home construction or remodeling project, design-build companies are recommended as the best contractors to hire.

The design-build construction process offers many advantages to private homeowners, who may not know enough about the construction or remodeling process to fully take control of their home improvements.

Using a design-build contractor, homeowners stay a part of the planning and work process while their general design-build contractor handles everything else!

  • Effective Communication - First and foremost, design-build companies who operate under the same roof from start to finish can communicate more effectively between project managers, contractor crews, and project owners. This open communication reduces miscommunications and helps to ensure everyone understands what is happening with the project.
  • Owner Participation - Design-build contractors make involving the project owners a key part of project management, so there are never surprises and the customer is always informed and gets what they want.
  • Project Management - Design-build construction benefits from good project management under the control of an experienced general contractor who participates in all parts of the project.
  • Team Collaboration - One of the biggest challenges in design-bid projects that utilize multiple contractors all doing different things is its negative effect on project collaboration. With design-build contractors, all teams work together under the expert guidance and direction of a general project manager.
  • Project Continuity - With open communication, team collaboration, and effective management, design-build construction projects have higher continuity, resulting in smoother project completion without unnecessary delays or mistakes.
  • Full Accountability - Design-build companies retain total control of their projects, taking full accountability for the work their contractors do and handling quality assurance, making sure that the result is what the customer requested, and was promised.
  • Time and Cost Savings - By eliminating so many of the issues that cost project owners in terms of lost time and lost money, using a respected design-build contractor for their project offers faster project completion at a lower overall price.

Homeowners searching for a simpler solution for doing home construction or remodeling have two choices as they plan out their projects.

One option is to hire all their contractors in an a la carte manner, then attempt to act as their own project manager to keep up with planning, communications, scheduling, and work quality.

The second and better option is to hire a design-build company that will handle the entire job, from start to finish.

With a design-build contractor there to lead the way, homeowners will be much happier with the professional management and execution of their home improvement projects.