What Water Storage Tank Material Is Better?

Choosing the right tank from a water storage tank company is a critical decision that can become a costly mistake if not properly made.

Commonly made from steel, plastic, and fiberglass, it is essential to take the pros and cons of each tank into consideration according to how it will be used, location and other factors that can affect tank longevity.

When storing water, whether for commercial or residential use, water storage tank services recognize the following qualities and disadvantages with each of these types of liquid storage vessels:

  • Stainless Steel Tanks - Available in a large variety of sizes and shapes, stainless steel is the most preferred material used by most water storage tank companies for many good reasons. Not only is stainless steel strong, durable, and much less affected by oxidation and corrosion, but it is also much easier to keep clean than the other options as well. Stainless is suitable not only for water storage but also for storing dairy and other consumable liquids.
  • Welded Steel Tanks - The second-best option where cleanliness and corrosion resistance is concerned, welded steel tanks are favored by water storage tank companies for the enormous sizes they are available in and their cost-effectiveness in comparison to more expensive stainless steel; however, keeping them corrosion-free does require more in terms of maintenance by water storage tank services.
  • Fiberglass Tanks - Most suitable for domestic uses and smaller water containment purposes, fiberglass tanks are fairly resistant to corrosion, though they are affected by UV light over time and can permit algae growth on the inner surfaces of the vessel. They are sturdy and can withstand a fair amount of pressurization, but can be easily cracked and are more likely to be damaged than steel tanks.
  • Plastic Tanks - Used mainly in larger commercial applications or for smaller domestic needs, plastic tanks are inexpensive, cost-effective, lightweight, and versatile for many uses, but they are generally not suitable for storing potable water. Though they are available in many sizes and colors, water storage tank services catering to companies storing large amounts of water do not generally have these available.

The first question for any company to consider when choosing which tanks to buy from a water storage tank company is what they wish to store in their tanks and how much.

For large volumes, potable water, consumable liquids, and other liquids that must be kept clean or could become especially corrosive, stainless and welded steel tanks are most recommended.

For lower-volume, domestic or personal use, water storage tank services find that fiberglass and plastic tanks are perfectly suitable and much more affordable, too.