What is the Value of Underbrush Removal?

Underbrush is the low vegetation and smaller trees and bushes that grow around taller trees in the woods, or on unkempt lots.

While some property owners just ignore it, keeping only the area around directly their homes or buildings manicured, there are some definite benefits of underbrush removal on a broader scale, too.

Whether you own a few personal acres or a city or town manages hundreds or thousands of acres, removing the underbrush is not only beneficial, but it is also safer.

  1. Appearance - Primarily, the best reason for doing underbrush removal on vacant land or surrounding woodlands is because it looks neater and cleaner. Vines, straggly bushes, and weeds look messy, even from a distance. Occasionally removing this underbrush makes the land look better and gives more room for the established trees and bushes that you want to keep.

  2. Tree Health - Underbrush removal usually includes the removal of tree saplings that have taken root too close to bigger trees. Between removing the excess weed and bush growth as well as most of the saplings, the remaining trees and bushes will remain healthier, with less disease and suffering less from drought during drier seasons.

  3. Pest Control - Thinning out the underbrush also removes areas where pests like rodents and damaging insects can nest. This is beneficial for humans, animals, and trees, which can all be negatively affected by pest species.

  4. Fire Prevention - The reason why wildfires start and then spread as fast as they do is because of the underbrush, which catches fire very easily and then burns quickly. Underbrush removal is an important land management process that should be used regularly, especially around residential areas, to reduce the risk of fires.

  5. Less Destructive - Removing the underbrush and leaving the trees is also a less destructive alternative to completely clearing land for other purposes. When underbrush is mowed and trees are thinned out, it is possible to leave the most mature plants and then grow grass in these areas, which is more beneficial than allowing these spaces to become overgrown with underbrush.

If you own a plot of land that surrounds your home or that you plan to build on, removing the underbrush is a safe, convenient, and economical way to improve its appearance and make it more resistant to problems like fires, pests, and disease.

Underbrush removal services with the right ground working equipment can take care of this for you and even turn the waste into helpful mulch that will nourish the soil and the trees.