What Are The Different Types of Water Storage Tanks?

When it comes to water storage tanks that hold large quantities of water, there are a lot of tanks to choose from.

Each designed to certain tank engineering and use specifications, the different water storage tank types can hold potable water, wastewater, water for utility uses, certain chemicals, and other liquids.

The best tank for the job always depends on what the water storage job actually is, what the location conditions are, and other variables.

1. Fiberglass - Above and Underground Tanks

Fiberglass is a non-corrosive material that is very safe for storing potable water and other types of water in.

Installed both on the ground and underground, fiberglass tanks are smaller and mid-sized units commonly used in many industries to store many liquids.

2. Steel - Bolted, Carbon Welded, and Corrugated Tanks

Steel water storage tanks are very popular for storing potable water and many other liquids as they are available in multiple types and various sizes, all the way up to storing millions of gallons.

  • Watertight bolted steel and corrugated steel are the strongest and are used in the design of massive tanks.
  • Carbon welded steel are strong water storage tanks used to store water, chemicals, and more, each one made with an interior coating designed to prevent interactions with the stored liquid.

3. Stainless Steel

Another durable steel water storage tank option, stainless is also corrosion-resistant and it is easier to keep clean than many other tanks.

Stainless is a popular choice for dairy, beer and wine makers and other food-related businesses, on top of its reliable use for potable water and other liquids.

4. Polyethylene Plastic

Polyethylene tanks are a great affordable option for storing smaller amounts of potable water and other liquids that will not interact with the plastic.

They are usually black in color to prevent algae growth, easily portable, and can be used for on-site water storage in smaller volumes.

5. Portable - Pillow and Folding Tanks

When having a containment unit that can be easily moved is important, pillow and folding tanks are perfect.

Pillow tanks are water bladders that look like pillows, available in sizes from a few hundred to a few thousand gallons.

Folding tanks are commonly used by fire fighting teams to store pumping water.

Lots of Water Tank Choices!

No matter what type of water or liquid is being stored, there is a water storage tank engineered to do it.

The most important factors to consider when choosing water storage tanks is what water or liquid will be stored in it, how much must be stored, and whether the material is suitable for storing that liquid safely.