Facts to Know About Land Surveying

Land surveying is the science and art of mapping and determining the position different points on the earth's surface and making measurements of their distance, directions and angles of elevation between the using mathematical knowledge.

Land surveying helps in establishing maps and ownership boundaries and locations of positions designed for structural construction as required by the government.

Land surveying helps in providing advice and information which works in guiding architects, engineers and developers in their work.

The work of land surveying is carried out by professionals called surveyors who are employed both in the field and in the office.

Land surveyors use high and improved technology in the fields like GPS, terrestrial and aerial scanners for mapping and they compute their findings and pictures to act as evidence.

Importance of Land Surveying

Land surveying plays a huge role in the development of land, from the fist step of planning and designing the subdivision of land to the last step of utility, road and landscape construction.

The findings of land surveyors from a construction site aids architects to understand and utilize the landscape in their design.

It also helps engineers to correctly and safely plan the structure ensuring accurate construction.

Land surveying helps in the marking and identification of boundaries hence ensuring the security of one's property.

Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey is a type of survey where it works by defining the limits of a formal property and its focus is on the specific corners of a particular plot or land.

Before purchasing, splitting building or improving the land the involved party first conducts a boundary survey.

Once the boundary survey is complete, the surveyor presents a drawing showing the overview and corners of the land.

A boundary survey makes the property limit more visible for the buyer hence acting as proof of the land area to be owned.

A boundary survey also helps in the physical marking of the boundaries on the land, which may be done by putting pipes marked wooden post, trees, or concrete monuments.

A boundary survey is one of things that is very important in the construction of a building.

In the building of a house, a proper and physical boundary survey ought to be conducted to prevent any dispute that may occur in the future.


Land surveying should be carried out by a licensed surveyor who will identify the boundaries and provide certified request plan ensuring the successful completion of the project.

Surveys from non-licensed surveyors do not have legal status hence cannot be used as evidence in case of boundary disputes.