Key Areas of Focus for Water Tower Inspections

The tower inspections performed by water tower services are an essential part of maintaining the structural supports holding up the elevated, gravity-fed water towers used by towns and cities everywhere, as well as the tanks themselves.

Beyond the inspection of the physical structure, water tower maintenance services must also inspect the water storage system and how well it is functioning to keep potable water free from contamination and keep the water supply flowing.

What Are The Primary Focus Points for Water Tower Inspections?

When performing these checks, there are four main areas of focus that a water tower maintenance company looks at to rate the condition of a tower and decide what maintenance or repairs might be needed:

  • Tank Vents - All tank vents should be inspected by water tower maintenance services to confirm that they are capped, screened, and otherwise protected to prevent access by animals, insects, or people while allowing free airflow as the water tower functions.
  • Access Areas - Because water storage facilities are federally protected sites, water tower maintenance companies must also confirm that all access points are protected and secured, both on the tower and around it.
  • Overflow Pipes - During each inspection, water tower services must ensure that not only is the overflow pipe properly screened to prevent access by animals or insects but that it is cut off high enough off the ground to prevent backfilling in the event of a flood. Also, the overflow should drain into a protected drainage area to prevent soil erosion around the base of the tank. 
  • Telecommunications Equipment - Any telecommunications equipment mounted onto the tops of water towers must also be thoroughly inspected by water tower services to ensure it is all properly installed, in good condition, and is not causing any type of contamination, electrical, or physical problem on or to the tank or tower. Any mounts creating corrosion in the tank surface or entry points lacking proper sealing must be further examined and repaired to prevent contamination of the water storage tank contents.

Water tower inspections performed by qualified water tower maintenance services address not just the water storage vessel and the structural tower, but also these seemingly minor functional elements as well.

Before any tower is cleared as passing inspection by a water tower maintenance company, these four inspection points must also be cleared, as they are essential details designed to protect the contents of closed, elevated water tanks and keep potable water safe for human consumption.