What to Watch When Selling your Home for Cash

There are investors that pay cash for homes each day. Therefore it is quite plausible to sell your home and make a sizable profit; but it also possible to get scammed as well. Scammers are becoming more and savvier with their methods at defrauding honest agents as well as independent sellers. There are strategies that they utilize that are very obvious, while others are increasingly difficult to notice.

The following will teach you some of the tactics to be aware of when selling your home.

Check Rendered

In most instances where a home is being bought in cash, the buyer renders a check. The seller will accept this check for deposit within their account and when fraud is being committed; a refund will be requested. The scam artist will state that they have changed their mind, and it will become the responsibility of the seller to reimburse the money. It is in this instance that the check will not clear the seller’s bank account, leaving them in a deficit after handing over the purchase amount to an “investor” that has changed their mind.

Sight Unseen

A large “red flag” when selling your home for cash is when an investor states that they do not need to see the property before placing a bid. There are instances where developers will purchase a property sight unseen due, check online for examples of this. Either way, proceed with caution.

Email Communication

In recently year, scam artists are utilizing email communications as a means of defrauding sellers. The emails tend to be very poorly written, which serves as a visible indication that you are being (potentially) defrauded.

Suspicious Payment

According to the law, the authorities must be notified of payments greater than $10,000. Should the payment seem suspicious in any way, you must report this to the authorities as well. There have been instances where profits from illegal activities have been laundered through fraudulent real estate dealings.


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The Top 3 Insider Tricks You Need To Know When Selling Your Home

Selling your home is easier now, more than ever. No need to make the library your second home, no need to pay expensive “real estate consultants” for 10 minutes of their time. In the 21st century everything has become easier because of the internet, and the world of real estate is definitely a part of that! We would like to offer you 3 quick little-known insider tips that will make your first house sale a breeze!

The first impression is 90% of the sale

Whether you like it or not, most potential buyers will decide how much they like a house within the first 60 seconds of seeing it. No amount of sweet talk will change the first impression. Focus on presenting your house in the best possible way. Make sure your paints is perfect, your lawn looks fresh and the hammock is ready for use. Get professional pictures taken and you’re halfway there!


After you have made sure that the first impression is perfect, make sure to continue the trend. Just because your home looks perfect from the outside, doesn’t mean you can slack off. In our years of experience, one little trick has always helped us out – flooding the house with light. You want your customer to feel like they are stepping into their new home, not into a dungeon.

Be welcoming

Selling your home is often emotionally difficult if its your first time. Try and detach yourself from emotions when showcasing your house and dealing with potential clients. Its your job to make them feel comfortable, you don’t want them to sense your emotional attachments to their future home. Think of it as moving forward with your life and celebrate it openly!

Selling your home is an adventure and a very exciting journey. You will probably feel overwhelmed at times, but not to worry – you are not alone. We are here to help you! Check out more of our real estate tips, tricks and insider knowledge by clicking here.