Oil Storage Tank Maintenance Essential to Prevent Costly Problems

Like any other vessel used to store liquids and chemicals, tanks that store oil require careful oil storage tank maintenance and regular oil tank inspections to keep them functioning and prevent costly problems associated with tank failure.

Among those problems are leaks which can create environmental concerns and impurities collecting in the oil that can contaminate it, affecting its burning efficiency.

These tips for oil storage tank maintenance should serve as a guide for owners of these tanks on how to care for them and keep them in their best condition for the longest use.

  • Regular Oil Tank Inspections - Based on the type of tank and how it is used, oil storage tank inspections and routine maintenance should be provided according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Visual inspection to check for bowing, cracks, leaks, and other damage is essential and any necessary repairs should be arranged. 
  • Base Inspections - Along with inspecting the tanks, oil storage tank inspections should include a thorough assessment of the tank base and any damage there. For the tank to remain stabilized, the base must remain in good condition as well. 
  • Oil Tank Systems and Fittings Inspections - Oil storage tank services must also inspect all tank fittings for condition and all pumps and other tank systems. Since oil can be corrosive, leaks and contamination can occur when tank fittings and systems degrade over time. 
  • Look For Water Contamination - Oil storage tank inspections must also look for water contamination and resolve any leaks allowing water into the tank. Water contamination will not only degrade the quality of the oil, but it can promote the corrosion of metal tank components or fittings.  
  • Make Timely Repairs - Tank owners arranging for oil storage tank inspections should arrange for repairs as required and as soon as possible to protect this expensive equipment.

Whether referring to smaller, private storage vessels or large industrial tanks, oil storage tank maintenance and tank inspections are critical to keep all tanks performing properly and to prevent oil contamination and dangerous oil leaks.

Cracks, splits, and other tank damage are all possible when routine maintenance by oil storage tank services is not provided.

Noting this, it is a worthwhile investment to hire professional oil storage tank inspectors to assess these tanks as required by their makers and by local ordinances to prevent dangerous and costly oil spills and damage to the equipment.

Contact a qualified oil storage tank maintenance service to arrange inspections and the maintenance necessary to protect oil tanks and prevent costly tank problems.