Does Your Construction Project Require Dozer Services?

No matter what kind of construction project you are planning, you will need certain types of heavy earthmoving equipment to start it.

One such machine is the bulldozer, as experienced dozer services are an essential part of site preparation and land grading.

These under-recognized machines can do more than just push dirt, though!

A skilled dozer contractor can handle a number of the tasks that might be necessary for getting a construction site ready for building.

What Is Involved In Dozer Work?

Known mainly as powerful vehicles with large push blades, dozer work primarily involves pushing large amounts of material.

Whether pushing dirt, stone, gravel, cut trees, or even pushing trees over, this machinery uses brute force to relocate material to clear land or build piles of materials for disposal or re-use.

Available with a variety of blades including straight S-blades, universal scooped U-blades, and partially scooped S-U or combination blades, dozer services also use them for surface scraping, light digging, and even plowing snow.

What About Dozer Work With Attachments?

However, dozer work encompasses much more than just pushing materials or scaling off topsoil.

With a selection of attachments available for these machines, dozer contractors can handle many other site preparation jobs without bringing in other equipment:

  • Root Rakes - A front-end rake attachment that digs slightly into the ground and rakes out tree and vegetation roots.
  • Rippers - A rear-end hooked attachment that digs further into the ground than a rake attachment to pull out larger tree roots, large stones, and other debris. Can also be used to plow agricultural fields.
  • Grader Blade - Scrapes and levels soil and gravel in preparation for paving.
  • Trencher Attachment - A rear-end attachment that digs trenches for installing small pipes, wiring, and more.
  • Mulcher Attachment - A rear-end attachment that mows over and mulches waste vegetation for forestry maintenance and land clearing and underbrush removal.

The Value of Skilled Dozer Services

Available on wheels or tracks, bulldozers are suitable for when dozer services do not require much digging, but there is still lots of site preparation to be done.

Skilled dozer services can do just about everything else, like clearing, leveling, and debris removal to complete the first construction stage to get raw land ready for more serious work.

Dozers Are Invaluable Machinery!

Whatever your building plans are, be sure to plan your site preparation with an experienced dozer contractor who can handle the first main step of turning raw land into something more.

Performed correctly by skilled operators, dozer services are an essential part of every building project no matter what the size.