Tips for Getting The Most Value From Bathroom Renovations!

When planning bathroom renovations, most homeowners work with a finite budget.

Getting the most from every renovation dollar demands investing in bathroom renovation services that provide the most bang for the buck.

These tips from experienced bathroom renovation contractors can help homeowners just starting their projects figure out what is most important to them and what changes will give them the most value and pleasure for the perfect bathroom remodel.

  • Choose Cosmetics Over Major Layout Changes - When working on a budget, cosmetic bathroom renovations that avoid moving the plumbing around will accomplish more with less money.  
  • Replace Tubs with Spa Showers - Unless someone specifically wants a bathtub, a better idea might be to have a bathroom renovation contractor replace the tub with a large enclosed spa shower. 
  • Install A New Toilet - Being the component that gets the most use, even a toilet in good condition should be replaced when spending money on other bathroom renovations. A new toilet that matches the other renovations will look fresh and stylish.  
  • Ceramic Tile and New Grout Over Marble - As desirable as marble counters and showers may be, it is expensive and requires periodic sealing to protect them. A better option is to install decorative ceramic tile or to redo the grout on any existing tile to give it a clean, fresh look. 
  • Invest in Lighting - The more lighting there is in the bathroom, the larger, cleaner, and more inviting the space will look. Replace old fixtures with new stylish ones and add more lighting to create a larger appearance in the space. 
  • Choose Light Colors - Another space-generating tip recommended for bathroom remodels is to choose light colors throughout, from the walls and tile to the vanities and other components. 
  • Add Storage Stealthily - Replace pedestal sinks or small vanities with larger models with plenty of built-in storage.  
  • Match Metal Finishes Throughout - Switching metal hardware is a great, yet cost-effective improvement to make when contracting bathroom renovations services on a budget. Make the most impact by matching metals on everything, from drawer pulls and knobs to faucets and light fixtures. 

Renovations done by bathroom renovations services do not have to be complicated ideas that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

When renovating on a budget, bathroom renovation contractors recommend these as their top suggestions on how to get more from less.

Sometimes, it is the simpler options that can provide the most value when executing a lower-cost remodeling project!