A Budget Bathroom Remodel Can Be A Great Step Up!

Doing a full bathroom remodel is a dream come true for many; however, it can be quite costly depending on how involved your plan gets.

When facing the choice of dealing with the same old tired-looking bathroom for a few more years while you save up for complete bathroom remodel services or settling for less than what you really want, there is a comfortable in-between you could choose.

A low-budget makeover for now until you can afford that full bathroom remodel might be just the thing.

Planned well, with the help of a creative bathroom remodeling service, you can make simple cosmetic changes now while avoiding the expense of redoing things later.

Plan Ahead For Less Costly Bathroom Remodeling

So, how do you take that step up today without wasting money on details that will get changed again during a full bathroom remodel?

Plan changes that cost less and do not require moving permanent fixtures or replacing major components.

Don’t move any plumbing or fixtures, don’t replace tubs or toilets, and don’t invest in any expensive components that will not be used in a future complete remodel.

Also, skip the nice tile for now because your taste might change as you develop a plan for your dream bathroom.

Refreshen Instead of Remodeling

Instead, create a fresh look for less by upgrading faucet and lighting fixtures, installing a new toilet seat, and replacing old, ugly cabinetry with inexpensive open shelving.

Bathroom remodeling services recommend that you transform an ugly vanity by replacing it with a modified chest of drawers that can fit your existing sink while lending some style, and change the look of a wall mirror with a frame.

Give existing bathtubs a newer look with reglazing and have existing tile deep-cleaned, then sealed to brighten things up.

Where walls and floors are concerned, choose beadboard, laminate and other affordable options for now, leaving the heated tile flooring and decorative walls for later.

Even a minor bathroom remodel can allow for changing blinds and window treatments that can also do a lot to change the appearance of the room.

Step Up Your Bathroom With This Plan!

While this kind of reno with a great bathroom remodeling service might not be the renovation of your dreams, it can still be a step up that gives you more enjoyment of your current space.

Plan a budget cosmetic update with experienced bathroom remodel services that can view this as the first step in what will eventually become a whole brand new bathroom.

Using creativity and spending wisely, a budget of a few thousand today can be just the improvement you need now that will still allow you to get what you really want later!